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Thread Posted By Dave Date Thursday, November 1, 2007 at 11:45:28
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Was the encore last night for Phil Lesh and Friends at the Nokia Theater in NYC. Phil sold out 10 shows at this place. Last night was packed with people wearing some weird costumes. I came dressed as my usual Halloween costume, a "corporate deadhead" which was a tye-die with a GD tie over a nice shirt and slacks.  

Having seen Ratdog the night before at Westbury and then Phil&Friends in NYC, I can't really say which band I like better. Weir's band is more "GD-like" and Kimock completely blew me away with his guitar sounds during "Tomorrow Never Knows -> Dear Prudence".  But Phil's current band jams beyond any other band I have seen this year. During the second set last night, when Phil sang "Boris The Spider", I think I lost all sense of reality. It could have been the SF people I was hanging with and their special treats they shared, including a guy who I patched into at GGP SOL. Or maybe it was the roses....another Phil show is def required.


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