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Thread Posted By Rick Date Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 17:16:44
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and I am so much looking forward to seeing posts from cowards that will not leave their real name just disappear down the sinister black hole where you belong.

Now I am far from perfect. I have made some comments that pissed people off and that I came to agree with the real people with real names opinions.

I really respect those folks.

Sometimes I am right too. I would rather understand that sometimes I am wrong than to believe that everything I do has to be justified, how else do we learn?

I cherish my real relationships, with real people. This is how we build a community.

When I fuck up, I do not take critics as a personal attack. But some idiot who does not even bother to lave a real name? Come on!

Anyone who has to hide is not someone that has an opinion to be respected.

Self serving e-masterbation leaves only a stain- not a statement.

Those days are over.

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