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Thread Posted By Terry in Virginia Date Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 12:38:24
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OK, Rick, I assume there will be instructions on how to login after today's farewell to the old A-Deck.  It's been a ride.... and when you think about it, the spam problem only showed up (from where I sit, anyway) during the last year or so....not that we didn't have the occasional a-hole, jerk, pest, Jefferson basher... over the years...

Since it's Halloween, maybe we should all revisit that classic Jefferson Airplane show from the LA Forum 38 years ago.  Mine grew from a very bad quality bootleg LP, then a pretty decent analog tape, then finally digitized to CD.   Wanna see what they played that night?  Lookie here:

Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
Good Sheperd
Uncle Sam's Blues
Plastic Fantastic Lover
I Can Tell
Come Back Baby
True Religion
Up or Down
Heart of Mine
We Can Be Together
Greasy Heart
Wooden Ships
Young Girl Sunday Blues
Other Side of This Life
Fat Angel (w/ “Home” tease)
House at Pooneil Corners
Eskimo Blue Day
White Rabbit (cuts)
Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
No Such Thing >
Help Me

Terry in Virginia

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