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Thread Posted By ben holden Date Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 07:23:27
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perhaps i am easily amused by insignificant things, but has anyone else been watching the NASA show/channel.

that 'questionable' space station is quite an's huge...and the kind of stuff they're doing this week could just give ya shivers if'n ya have any thoughts about going to the stars.

in a week they've reconfigured the overall outline of the station and doubled 'half' their electical power...they discovered a potential serious wear problem with a major mechanical segment and, catch this, they have spare parts alreadu there to fix it...and next week they move the docking thingee and the new node and rebuild the whole front end of this airship.

on color tv, sometimes live-sometimes on replay.

'have you seen the stars tonight...'

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