Outlaw Poetry?

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Thread Posted By Lizzy Date Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 10:20:32
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Pretty FUNNY that poetry is deleted.
Reposted in the Cornfield out of curiosity.

There's even a Jefferson SONG about Outlaw Poetry:


She wants to be an outlaw

(wanted Dead or alive
Wanted for poetry in a bladerunner world)

Just like George Washington & Daniel Ortega

Dillinger & Oscar De La Vega

Belle Star & Mother Jones

Galileo 'n Black Bart 'n Bart Simpson 'n St.Paul

So did Socrates & Martin Luther

'n Martin Luther King & Vasco De Gama

& Sir Francis Drake

Shit man, even J.Edgar Hoover broke the law

So go out and stuff the universe into your eyes

Your face, your brains, your heart

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