Why was this deleted from the Cornfield?

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Thread Posted By Lizzy Date Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 09:09:14
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I posted it this morning and by the time I got to work it had been deleted.  I reposted it there and am posting it here.

Cornfield is filled with compost.....

and so I plant my new poem here.

PK and Grace have inspired my poetry, seems like forever.
I e-mailed this to Mr. Kantner, don't know that he liked it
but think here and now is a good place to plant these words:

\sadness suffers sorow:
>tears drip from a broken heart
>and water seeds of future passion
>sorrow suffers dischord:
>and echos thru corridors of time,
>knowing sorry doesn't cut it anymore
>seeds of passion, engulfed with pain
>seek brighter days and wait with patience
>in soil enriched by the compost of past sins
>but for the resonance of forgiveness & compassion,
>all future gardens would wither, lost in bleak, dark winter,
>within a heartland void of spring, within frozen tears of sorrow
>therefore, sadness suffers joy:
>for all that was, for all that is, for all that shall forever be.
>dischord seeks harmonious light and echos future songs abundant.

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