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Thread Posted By Taper Date Monday, October 29, 2007 at 20:25:11
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Son, you need an education in the live music biz from this century. Ok, here goes...

There is this outfit called Instant Live. They make great money selling copies of shows to people who attend shows. For $20, you walk home with a board of the show. Some bands offer downloads the next day. Its better than a tee shirt that fades in a wash. Of course people buy them to say they were there. Duh! Helloooo! Anybody home??

You obviously know the wrong audience tapers. I know people who tape 24 bit on flash cards or hard drives with expensive mics. People like Rob Clarke who use great equipment like this: Neumann km184> v2> SBM-1 (48 kHz)> optical 7-pin> iRiver h120. Rob uploads his shows within 3 hours after it ends. When I see him at a show, I stop taping because its simpler to download his copy. Blanks & postage are 20th century modes of trade. Go to dimeadozen.org or bt.etree.org to download great sounding audience shows for free. Listen to an audience tape from 2007 if you dare.

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