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Thread Posted By Purplecat Date Monday, October 29, 2007 at 16:06:24
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It was a good but not great show. The highlights were very high but a lot of lower points as well. For one this is mostly the same band Nick G. uses every Friday(no cover) at Negri's in Occidental,CA with the addition of Barry Goldberg, a couple of horn plaers & the overated Mick Martin on a hamdful of tines. The original Flag songs Nick originally sang sound as good as ever and made the show completly worthwile, but the ones sang by others, particularly the ones originaly sang by Buddy Miles, showed Nicks limitations. They also did songs that Nick wrote for others. Born in Chicago was brought down a notch by the weakness of Mick's harp playing. To be fair almost nobody soungs as good as Paul Butterfield did but this wasn't even in the same ballpark. There was a very good liquid light show provided by The Amazing Abacromby. All in all a show that wavered between breathtakingly wonderful to standard issue bar blues band. Still all in all worth the price of admission. Non musical highlights included running across old friends & former room mates some of whom I havent't seen since 1970. Burned a couple down, shared a couple of brews & swapped stories till dawn. Was surprised to see most of us still have our hair, albet a bit gray around the edges & accompanied by a pot belly. Guess this is where the 40 th summer of love reunions end, but it's nice to reconnect with old friends.

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