December shows in Tampa area

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Thread Posted By don aters Date Saturday, October 27, 2007 at 08:31:36
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Apparently have ceased to exist.  When i was contacted from these people it was initially about a book and subsequent images and evolved into speaking about the bands.
They spoke of having a festival in the area and i suggested they speak to Michael.
The ensuing EM's, meeting with the bands and Michael and a myriad of EM's that confirmed the date(s) finally materialized but they never signed a contract and waffled back and forth about the impending performance.
It's always easier spending someone else's money which is what they were trying to do but, as much as i try and promote the bands ss best I can, i have no control over other people and their integrity.  Signed or not signed, if your word is worth nothing, you lose all credibility and will become a very lonely person.
With that said, I apologize for my reference and thoughts on the bands and subsequent musicians.
Goes without saying that I have spent four decades perpetuating these bands and the music but love doesn't pay for retainers and I can't make anyone call or negotiate.
I do what I can when I can, always have, always will but occasionally all efforts fail when dealing with those who look for legal avenues to defray all that was perceived as beneficial.
It worked well when The Gathering On The Mountain was in full swing from 96-2002, as most everyone I suggested was booked, although Big Boulder took credit for it, they didn't pick the bands, I did.
I even managed to get TC as the emcee for a few years but that's days gone by so,
these dates in late Decemeber are obviously a nonentity but not by my choice or decision.
I made three trips that I paid for and massive phone bills to try and get this festival in Florida but I can't do it on good will nor by my appreciation for PK, DF, Gary, TC, Marty, Slick, Chris, Dave & Linda, Sam, Peter, Dave, Rob, or any others who have joined this traveling time capsule. those who wanted to venture there, I can only speak for myself, I had nothing to do with the planning nor the contractual dealing, all i did was reccommend and it escalated from there.
In the words of my Father all you have in this life isn't based on money nor the size of your boat or house.
What matters is your family, those you love and respect the most...and your word.
I do what I can..

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