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Thread Posted By Rick Date Friday, October 26, 2007 at 13:12:05
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The Live in 2005 Starbase XM Series is a continuation of Mission Control's effort to keep the Music of Jefferson Starship available to folks that are too far away to attend a concert or want a keepsake of the shows they attended.

These are live recordings and not everything goes perfectly. Some recordings have little glitches, sometimes one wishes that the level of an instrument or vocal was a little higher (although that can be compensated by getting ...)

On the other hand, the energy of the live recordings and the spontaneous interstellar musical exchanges are something that cannot be duplicated in the studio. While every track may not be perfect, you are slowly drawn into the fire of the moment.

The best way to see if you are interested is to download some of the free shows we offer at the site - see if it is your cup of tea ("lot's of tea breaks help to relax into the music", Rutles).

Try this:

This was Paul Kantner's 65th Birthday Bash. While this may or not be a great example of the quality of the recordings (it is dumbed down for easy web listening), it will give you an idea of what we offer.

The Soiled Dove DVD is a whole other kettle of fish (whatever that means-there is a kettle of fish, that is another kettle of fish, but that is a whole other kettle of fish).

Soiled Dove was produced by HDNet and was used by cable companies to show off the quality of HDTV.While Soiled Dove was filmed in HD the DVD is in Standard Definition (SD). The image quality is stunning.

The description from

Dear Fellow Travelers:
The Jefferson Starship Soiled Dove DVD makes a return flight to

This concert was taped by HDNet because of a suggestion made by fellow A Deck Passenger Betsy Harrison and was produced by HDNet and Michael Gaiman. This is an extraordinary concert featuring Paul Kantner on Accoustic Twelve String, Banjo (!) and vocals, Diana Mangano also provides lead vocals while Slick Aguilar provides back up vocals and lead guitar. Chris Smith provides keyboard orchestration, piano and bass.

Great sound Sound and the original HD production shines on this DVD. Jefferson Starship performs many classic Jefferson Airplane songs as well as selections from Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra, Blows Against the Empire and many other gems from the Jefferson Starship Catalogue. Jefferson Starship at the Soiled Dove, June 17th, 2003 is a cosmic journey that you will want to take again and again.

The new version features chapter buttons (so you can cue your favorite songs) , a little eye candy and a louder soundtrack . Here is the set list:

1 Mountain Song
2 Wooden Ships
3 Good Shepard
4 Sketches of China
5 White Rabbit
6 Baby Tree
7 Santi Ano
8 Lilith's Song
9 I'm A Dreamer
10 High Flying Bird
11 Hyperdrive
12 Blows Suite
13 Be Young You
14 Somebody To Love

Those of you that already have a copy of Soiled Dove might be wondering if purchasing this copy is worth the extra expense. Well, the short answer is no, this is exactly the same show with some added features (like chapters and an improved menu). However no one will talk you out of getting a copy either!


I really enjoyed the Accoustic Explorer Tour (the four piece band). I have some nice alternative recordings and video. I especially liked hearing selections from Planet Earth Rock and Roll performed live, looking forward to the BIG band treatment.

In short, as a fan, I can highly recommend these shows. As a sales guy I can only say, "Buy all 23 CDs!"

The best bet is to look at the set lists and find just the right fit. Every CD is lovingly handmade and the proceeds go to The Band, supporting the site, or to fund special projects and shows.

Try the free stuff-if you like it I'll meet you at the corner of Andromina and Mars (or just click the PERRO button on the left).

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