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Thread Posted By Rick Date Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 14:43:23
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There seems to be some confusion as to what the COG disks and/or downloads contain.

As far as I know QSMS as well as other acts still retain separate recording contracts.

The ONLY act that supplies and fufills the COG is Jefferson Starship.

You recieved the exact opposite. This is a terrible mess and a freak out!

For example, if Country Joe warms up for JS, he does not neccessarily grant permission to distribute his set. The same goes for TC, IABD, QSMS and Big Brother.

It has been somewhat problematic to get the venues to specify that folks will get the Jefferson Starship set(s) only.

There could be a local Band that gets recorded and sniffs money (should we distribute their music without permission). Off to court we go.

It is all very complicated.

The crazy thing is that I have no idea of the release of the disk you are talking about. I find that bemusing.

While I have been saddled with the whole COG debacle (missing lists, folks being too high to remember to sign up, on and on and on) this one is news to me.

Maybe I got my wish...

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